Q: Why are your cooler systems the best?

A: While our competitors over-build their systems, we have found the right balance of robust features, quality components and simplicity. We give you all of the items you need, without the ones that you don't. That gives you the best product, and doesn't waste your money.

Q: What's included with my order?

A: Your product includes the assembled cooler, amp, speakers, externally mounted volume control, all wiring (including battery wiring), all connectors, an ice-resistant battery compartment, a 3.5mm to RCA adapter, and a drybag for your phone or MP3 player. This drybag even features a waterproof auxiliary cable pass-through. Just add a battery and a phone, and you're ready to rock and roll.

Q: Why don't you include the battery?

A: Frankly, because they are heavy and increase the shipping cost. Batteries are easy to find and you may want more than one, depending on your needs. We recommend a lawn and garden battery, as they offer a small size, good power (amp hours) and are affordable. Good options include the EverStart U1-7 or EverStart U1P-7, both are available at Walmart for $25-$40. 

Q: Why don't you include a stereo head-unit like your competitors?

A: Car stereo head-units aren't cheap, they don't provide much power to the speakers, and they drain a lot of battery power. The only good thing they deliver is the music via FM/AM/CD. The reality is that you have an incredible stereo in your pocket right now. Any smartphone is more capable of delivering entertainment than any stereo head-unit. This saves cost, weight, and space for you.

Q: What can I connect my Cooler Cooler Speakers to? 

A: Anything with an RCA type connection or 3.5mm auxiliary connection. This includes TV's, phones, MP3 Players, cable boxes, stereos, etc. Aside from river trips, the backyard, softball fields, etc., we always use our system at tailgates. Before the game starts, we have a phone hooked up to play music. When the game starts, we hook it up to DirecTV so we can use it instead of the TV speakers. It's a very versatile set-up, and since it doesn't use proprietary plugs, it's future-proof.